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Rent the Runway Chief Analytics Officer Vijay Subramanian

Vijay Subramanian is the Chief Analytics Officer at Rent the Runway, a fashion company with a data and technology soul that is disrupting the way women get dressed. Vijay was part of the early founding team instrumental in building the business over the last 8 years. Vijay helped work out key elements of a radically new business model and architected several systems (consumer facing and back-end) to drive to product-market fit and real scale. Vijay is credited with building Rent the Runway’s proprietary “reverse logistics” operations, in which large volumes of inventory are cycling through customers and the Rent the Runway warehouse with same-day or next day turnaround. Vijay designed the backend systems and algorithms that power this complex ecosystem of rental reservations, returns processing, order fulfillment, and the overall customer experience. On the demand side of the business, Vijay created a sophisticated pricing practice that significantly transformed the trajectory of user growth. Vijay is now leading the charge on driving and cultivating growth levers via relentless experimentation around traffic, activation and retention.

Prior to Rent the Runway, Vijay was at Oracle Retail focusing on acquiring and delighting Fortune 500 customers by communicating the value of and implementing their suite of analytical products and services. Before taking on this account leadership role, Vijay was Lead Scientist at a B2B data product startup ProfitLogic, acquired by Oracle Retail. At ProfitLogic, under Vijay’s leadership, a team of analysts and data scientists built and implemented sophisticated analytical products at several top tier retailers. Prior to ProfitLogic, Vijay had a stint as a Research Scientist for Procter & Gamble before pivoting to the world of startups.

Vijay received a Bachelor’s of Technology in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, and both a Master of Science and PhD in Operations Research from Purdue University.

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