How ClassPass is Disrupting the Fitness Industry with Data, Featuring Founder Payal Kadakia

February 20, 2018

Payal Kadakia created a business that is transforming the way people work out. But that’s not what she first set out to do — she got there by following the data. When Payal created Classtivity in 2011, she wanted to provide a way for adults to rekindle their love for old hobbies and easily find and book classes online. After analyzing customer feedback and platform usage, Kadakia pivoted the company to launch a new platform called ClassPass. Today, ClassPass has facilitated over 40 million reservations across 8,500 studios in 39 cities worldwide. Payal now serves as Executive Chairwoman for the company.

This episode was produced and edited by Lauren Feiner and Esmeralda Martinez. Our music is “Is That You Or Are You You” by Chris Zabriskie.

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